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by Vantafrost

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Nazgul 03:36
in a time nearly lost when primordial spirits took form upon the earth an unassuming admirable one lover of perfection and order fell sway to the pull of eldest knowledge and the power of chaos now taken by the majesty of darkness this once acclaimed Mairon altered his name apple in eye of a world subdued to its knees reign in hand blunt-force perfection and a ring-binding plan ensuring an iron grip nine for mortal men doomed to die oh how mankind fell so faithfully granted secrets by the rings frail and afraid surrounded by the ageless oblivious of the spectres they were to be becoming one with the worlds beyond sight no longer beings seen within the light becoming shadows of winged death vultures expecting their fill of doomed men's flesh here ride the nazgul
Dark Hammer 04:23
stumbling through this hall of mirrors i grow cold and dying of thirst With only my own spit to swallow as relief and company i taint the passing reflections with my own life-blood to mark my way I come upon an ancient mirror framed with blinding gold displaying an image of a hammer its power beckoning through the glass my fingers lock around the grip lighting up solar antithetical glyphs its seething essence pours through me unconscious takes me I awake no longer cold with a kingdom of false reflection to behold Kali Ma come unto me! igniting Nigredo fires oh, and i take fear, to the hammer idle hands to the hammer apathy to the hammer Silence to the hammer blindness to the hammer ignorance to the hammer
あなたはあなたが賢いと思うハァッ。 あなたはこのことを読むことができないと知っています。 あなたはたぶんインターネットを使って翻訳しました。 生意気な生意気な、 あなたは賢い束。 我々は多くの点で私たちに救いの手を与えてくれた毒物学者に感謝したいと思います。 特に私たちを録音するためのデボンです。 曲自体は悪魔のことです 彼の強力な魔法の息を使って人間を召喚して悪魔の奴隷になる。 最終的に彼は十分な人間性を引き継いで戦争を自分自身に対抗させ、 野生の悪霊が地獄から来て、野蛮であることが地球上で一掃されるようにしてください。 彼らは地球上で悪の新しい生活を始めることができます。
Lead Pumper 04:54
here we stand now, white hot spotlight in a world-wide center stage Acrid skies brew storm clouds in our eyes HEAR in this information age But dont you forget we wanted it this way keepers of ancient traditions who are we to change? Forget the dying and the dead We'll just keep pumpin em with lead have another drink its on me wash your hands avert your eyes embrace debauchery feral animals is all that we are dying before your eyes under Saturnian stars but we will keep you safe from invasive newAge talk of consciousness and innerwork will oxidize our hides no light will pass through we do this for you keep you safe and sound on the fucking ground but when the ore of "we" becomes pulvarized "i's" the sleeping giant arouses in purifying flame so don't you forget we made it this way keepers of the ancient tradition we will never change


released October 31, 2017

Recorded by Devon Ray at
The De/\/\on Cave,
Passaic, NJ




Vantafrost Kearny, New Jersey

Forged from the grim, kvlt, and freezing streets of urban New Jersey.

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